• Llio Davies


In the ever revolving world of business, it is imperative that industry embraces progress. The development of enhanced working environments is an opportunity to improve many facets of a company’s day to day operation which cannot be ignored, meditation is the simple solution.

Business often finds it a challenge to adapt working environments. Widescale architectural change is required to improve natural lighting. Expensive products such as pods are often utilised as solutions for employees to control their own micro environment, however many small businesses can’t afford to implement these changes. The aspiration towards poster perfect environments as seen at companies such as Google, but the reality is, this is not an achievable goal for the majority. ZenG is an affordable solution which will persuade businesses to have a tangible object to improve employee wellbeing.

I have researched theorists and architects who look at the perception of space to inform myself of what influences our working environment and what the challenges are. One of the most influential front runners is Juhani Pallasmaa who laid down his ideas in ‘The eyes of the skin, architecture and the senses’ (2012). Pallasmaa focuses on our occularcentric culture; the dominance of vision over other senses. ‘The dominance of the eye and the suppression of other senses tend to push us into detachment, isolation and exteriority’ (Pallasmaa, 2012). From this research, I have developed a meditation plan which will evolve with the user to help them with work-related challenges. This will result in an improvement in the ability of employees to return attention to specific objects, and the ability to sharpen awareness when they feel themselves losing focus.

ZenG is made from porcelain and copper, both of which are elegant materials which combine beautifully, but are not commonly used for industrialized products. The market place is evolving and the importance of supporting craft base products is emerging.

ZenG provides a simple solution to increase productivity in the working environment.

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