Pottery and Ceramics

Minimal handmade ceramics, made locally...

I've always had a passion for designing, and was fortunate to have the support of my family to study creative subject. I graduated with a 1st class honours degree in Artist, Designing and Making, where I researched the relationship between creativity in the workplace and mental health. As long as working full time in a creative hub, I make ceramics in my little studio.

I'm lucky enough to have a small studio in Pontcanna, where all of my work is made with slip or slabs of clay, which are carefully shaped by hand or using a homemade plaster mould. I then spend time finishing and shaping each piece to achieve the desired finish. My glazes have all been selected by myself in order to achieve the final shades and all my pieces, large and small are fired twice (three times if gold is applied), reaching 1200 degrees Celsius during a glaze firing and taking over 24 hours to heat and cool down.

My inspiration comes from my upbringing in rural Snowdonia, I try to bring the tranquillity of the landscape into my minimal handmade ceramics, and a desire to produce functional forms that would make a beautiful addition to anyone's home. I feel everyone should be able to own at least one item that is truly handmade and unique, no matter how small.